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QC Pump Overview

QCPump Interface

QCPump Interface

QCPump is an extensible utility for extracting data from various sources (databases, filesystem etc) and moving it to other locations.

QCPump allows you to define one or more Pumps of various types (known as Pump Types e.g. File Mover and Firebird DQA3) to retrieve data from databases, filesystems, and other data sources. Typically these Pumps run at regular interval to look for new data, and when that data is present they extract it, potentially transform it in some way, and then upload it to QATrack+, move it somewhere else on disk, leave it alone, or take some other action.

QCPump currently includes the following Pump Types:

QC Pump was built primarily as a tool for uploading data to QATrack+, but there is nothing preventing you from using it for other tasks you want to perform periodically. For example, you could write a Pump Type of your own that ran once a day to generate a backup file of a database. If you think your Pump Type would be valuable to others please contribute it back to QCPump!

QC Pump License

QC Pump is licensed under the MIT License and all code contributed to the QCPump project will fall under the same license.

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