Release Notes


  • The Firebird DQA3 charset optionv broke most DQA3 pumps. This has now been fixed.

  • Halcyon MPC results can have blank Threshold values which were not being handled correctly. Blank Threshold values are now accepted.


  • Added a Charset option for connecting to DQA3 firebird databases. If you are having issues fetching units from the DQA3 database try using WIN1251.



  • Fix issue with making test level comments optional on MPC pumps


  • Made comment uploaded to QATrack+ optional (defaults to off because the comment prevents auto review)


  • Fixed bug related to logging of certificate paths

  • Added a “Fast Search” option to MPC pumps. This option will restrict search for Results.csv files to subdirectories called MPCChecks. (defaults to on)

  • Adjusted auth headers to make it possible for QCPump to talk to RadMachine

  • For FFF beams, added Beam Shape Constancy results from the DQA3_TREND table for DQA3 v1.06 SQL Server DBs. There are 9 new results sent to the server:


    It is believed that bsc2 is the value shown in the DQA3 software so you should configure a test in QATrack+/RadMachine with slugs like bsc2_6_fff or bsc2_10_fff

  • Partial work around for a suspected race condition occuring in the DQA3 database software. The race condition causes an incorrect data_key to be written to the dqa3_trend table, and hence data was being sent to the wrong unit. The workaround implmented here results in the dosimetry data being sent to the correct unit, but the temperature, pressure, comment, signature, and device serial number will still be incorrect if this occurs again. This is the result of a defect in the DQA3 software and should be exceedingly rare.


  • Fixed bug with base64 encoding of files for QATrackGenericBinaryFileUploader pump

  • MPC pumps should now handle 2.5X and HDTSE beams

  • MPC pumps should handle directory names like NDS-WKS-SN1234-2015-01-01-00-00-00-0001-10x-Beam

  • QATrack+ validation requests receiving a 307 Temporary Redirect response will retry their request. This is an attempt (possibly in vain) to work arround network monitoring software which may temporarily return 307s.


  • Added DQA SQL Server database pumps


  • Fix issue with missing Unit names for MPC

  • Fix issue with “” appearing in some files

  • Fixed broken link to QATrack docs


  • Allow disabling certificate patching by putting a file called nopatch.txt in C:ProgramDataQATrack Projectqcpump

  • fix to retain unit choices when connection to QATrack+ fails for DQA3 pumps

  • Attempt to fix SSL certificate errors in some networks.


  • Resolves an issue with unknown null urls being cached leading to pumps needing to be restarted in order to “re-discover” the URL to upload data to.


  • Ensure ssl certificate files are found / installed by pyinstaller

  • Switch to using site_config_dir instead of user_config_dir for storing QCPump configs and logs so that multiple users can use same configuration. It is recommended that you “Install for All Users” when installing QCPump.

  • Instructions for starting QCPump automatically have been added.


  • retracted


  • Fix stdio redirect

  • Fix logging window history

  • Add more json decoding errors


  • Handle non-missing test 400 Bad Requests when uploading to QATrack+


  • The File Mover pump types can now be set to Copy mode to have source files copied to the destination directory rather than moved

  • The Python package python-certifi-win32 has been added so that requests can use the Windows Certificate Store for SSL verification rather than using its bundled certificate chain. This should resolve some issues users were having with firewalls & network monitoring software.

  • Added a missing permission for the DQA3 QCPump Firebird user


General Features & Fixes

  • A bug has been fixed where only the last subsection of a Multiple configuration section was being validated.

  • Pumps which are marked as Inactive will not run validation code until they are re-activated. This eliminiates un-necessary network calls and other validation work which, in addition to being more efficient overall, makes debugging QCPump itself simpler when multiple pumps are configured.

  • New MPC pump type for uploading MPC results. See Varian MPC Pumps.

  • New generic pump types for uploading Text & Binary Files to QATrack+ have been implemented. See QATrack+ Generic File Uploads.

  • A DISPLAY_NAME attribute has been added to Pump Types to aid with grouping together similar pump types when adding new pumps.

  • Warning level debug messages were being logged as errors. This has been fixed.

  • A new PUMP_ON_STARTUP (see QCPump Settings) setting has been added to allow pumping to begin immediately after QCPump is launched. This allows you to place QCPump in a startup folder and have it launched & start pumping when your computer is restarted.

DQA3 Pump Type Changes

  • The DATEADD for calculating a work_completed value in Firebird DQA3 queries has been eliminated in order to allow the query to work with Firebird versions < 2.1. work_completed is now just calculated in Python code instead.

  • The template for looking up Test Lists for beams now defaults to:

    Daily QA3 Results: {{ beam_name }}

    where beam_name is is the DQA3 test name (e.g. ‘6MeV’, ‘6MV WDG’, ‘6MV EDW 60 Weekly’, ‘20 MeV DQA3 Daily’). This allows QCPump to handle a wider variety of beam types/configurations.

  • More context variables are available when generating your test list name. In most cases you should only need to use beam_name, however other variables are available should you need them. See the DQA3 Test List Name docs.

  • New Multiple Beam Per Test List DQA3 pumps have been added which will group results from multiple measurements together based on the results being recorded in a short window of time. There are two disadvantages to using the Multiple Beams Per Test List:

    1. If you have many beams configured this will result in long test lists which can impact performance when uploading data, or reviewing data in QATrack+.

    2. If you perform a measurement twice (e.g. take 2 6X measurements), only the 2nd result will be included.

  • QATrack+ Unit names will now be displayed along with their Site in order to disambiguate units with the same name

  • DQA3 machine names will now be shown with their Room name to disambiguate machines using the same tree names.